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Every day with my husband is like a fairy tale come true. We share great conversations, We have good laughs, he holds me like no one else does. He respects me, Adores Me, and truly loves me. We make life worth  living. We raise our children with lots of LOVE. Yes it's true, Life is NOT perfect but ours are pretty damn close. 

Why do you I Journal?


Journaling is essential to me. 
It's the only place I pour out my soul. My Frustrations.
My hopes, dreams, and my overwhelming gratefulness.

It's amazing how much information you can provide yourself
when you go through your old journal pages.
It's like reading a "Self-Help" book but it caters directly to you!
Because wether you know it or not.
The information you need is already within you!
Try it, you'll be amazed how much it helps with your stress levels
or just for memory keeping alone. It's so much fun.

Work at home Momma

What's the most awesome thing about working from home?
I get to stay in my Pajamas All. Day. Long.
I mean who wouldn't right? It's so comfortable
All my creative juices keeps flowing better Lol!

And I get to be a bunny when I want to be!

And every once in a while dress up for my husband.

Free Printables

Hello Loves, 
I hope everyone is doing well. 
I woke a little bit earlier than usual today.
And started tinkering on some new designs.
I made this Chic Lady with Enormous Big Sunglasses!
She's so cute!!!
I shared this on our Facebook Group as a free Printable.
And so if you'd like it. Make sure to join our Group and
you'll be able to find it and get the download link from there!
Click down below!

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Custom Post  Signature