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Before & After Oatmeal Diet

I only did the oatmeal diet for four days. And here's the result...

I will try and do better next time. I am planning on completing the whole week (7 days) soon. It works! It just needs a whole lot of focus and determination. I didn't had a whole bunch, but I will try again and maybe I can do better the 2nd time around! ♡

4 comments on "Before & After Oatmeal Diet"
  1. Wow. That's great. I am very lazy when it comes to working out and find it harder to make time to exercise. Now I know I have a better alternative other than starving myself to get rid of these extra lbs.

    Way to go -- for us! ;-)

  2. Wow! It works? Gusto ko ring itry! A cup of oatmeal, 3times a day.. haiz.. Kakayanin ko rin yan. :)

  3. when i saw this post, i never want to skip it and i want to comment here hahah...i do the oatmeal diet too and it's very effective. been doing this for almost 2 years already.heavy meal at breakfast and oatmeal in lunch and dinner. i guess i have to do it again coz i stopped for 2 mos. already. reason? i always forgot to grab one whenever i shop hahha. keep it up!

  4. i've been following the oatmeal diet for 2 weeks, and i lost t 2 kilos.
    wow!! its really amazing. the only thing you have to do is you eat NO MEAT,eggs and processed foods,and also MILK.
    just eat oats for breakfast,lunch and dinner, the food intake for oatmeal has no limit, and also consume a lot of Vegies and Fruits..

    my alternative way of eating oats is to add raisins,nuts,pecans and apples.(and its less expensive too)


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