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One week of Oatmeal Diet. Can I do it?


Well, that's a great question. Can I do it? Will I do it. Waaaaaaaaaah, I don't know... One week. 7 days. No rice, no fried stuff, no chocolates, ice cream ,pizza, bread, chips, and all the bad stuff. Yaiks!

I will try and start my oatmeal diet tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Lhey :)
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2 comments on "One week of Oatmeal Diet. Can I do it?"
  1. Don't yah worry Mommy Lhey. You can do it. ^_^

  2. Nag ganyan din ako at uulitin ko. Nakakasawa nga lang hehehe! Pero effective sa pagpapayat. Try mo steel cut oats. Sabi nila mas healthy daw yan medyo matagal nga lang iluto. makunat kunat sya pero masrap din.


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