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Best day ever!!!!


It's Baby Raine's 1st Birthday!!! Yey!!!

I made her skirt. And I still have to finish the other one i'm making for their b-day celebration on Sunday.

It's Jason's Big 4-0 Birthday on the 29th (Sunday)!!! I don't have a gift for him yet. I honestly don't know what to get him. He is not materialistic like me, LOL! Maybe I should treat him and the kids to watch a movie. Since we seldom do that, every time we do it it's such a treat. I think that's what i'll do. And maybe get a few summer shirts for him...

Can you believe that baby Raine is 1 year old now? I can't.

"Truly time flies" and I can't count just how many times I used that phrase here on my blog. countless times. But I swear that I do mean it every single I use it. But it surely does fly fast. Look at my once-a-newborn???? now becoming a toddler!!! yay!!!

Here's a video that I put together just a few moments ago to share with you the first part of baby raine's bday clebration! (Part 1) I hope you'll enjoy it...

Please click HERE to watch the video!!! :))

2 comments on "Best day ever!!!!"
  1. Great video! Our little ones have quickly grown past their first year! goodness! Hope you enjoyed the party for Princess Raine and for Jason too! =0)


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