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Just because... I love 'em

My Beautiful Little baby girl. She's not so little anymore. 
It seems like yesterday she was still in her crib,
and look at her now, No longer wears a bib. 
We love her oh so much, Our little Princess.
 He rocks. He is just cleverly cool. He's most-kind. 
And I love him so much that I am not ready for him to start school.
He is simply amazing, Most Fascinating.
 Raine, Oh my Raine. Lovely as can be. She is our little doll, as jolly as can be.
She is so smart, so strong, and  she knows that she's loved and a spoiled rotten to daddy! *wink*
She walks, climbs, and runs like a boy. She makes my heart skip a beat. But I embrace every bit of her, Always with joy...

1 comment on "Just because... I love 'em"
  1. Very nice photos and cute kids. Your eldest is a beautiful young lady, she seems smart too. You're doing a good job at mommy-ing. Keep it up!



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