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Digital Scrapbooking Again!

I missed this... digital scrapbooking. A pain the behind but once it's done, it feels so rewarding... Do you like scrapbooking also? Digital or Paper? Both ways I think it's really fun. I just enjoy the digital more, because I don't have to worry with lots of trash and mess. Here's my latest project... Baby Raine eating a watermelon yesterday... Sooooo Cute...

Here are the images that I used...

5 comments on "Digital Scrapbooking Again!"
  1. Such a beautiful child!

  2. now i'm interested in digital scrapbooking. where do you this? thanks!

  3. Hi Mathea, I do it on photoshop. If you have basic photoshop skills you'll enjoy doing this. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. What a precious little pumpkin. These shots are worth a million!

    Thanks for stopping by. I am going to follow your blog too. Pink is always my favorite color, I used to have a pink background but I decided to change it last Spring. Hope you enjoy your summer!

    Cheers and Blessings,


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