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My Dear Family Visited Us


I miss them already. As crazy as it is... I miss the noise, the loudness, the fun, the energy of having my family at home...

Jazzle misses Nanay already so much. My Nanay helped me raised Jazzle from day 1. She is so good to us. She is so good to everybody. She loves her kids and grandkids so much, And I pray to God that may all of us are showing our appreciation to her in our own special ways.

She is a gift from heaven to us. She is the loudest, craziest Nanay there is.

I wish she would just stay with us.
I am sure there will be times that she will get in my last nerves, but i'd rather have that than her living so far from us.

I wish we have her always.
So that my house will be loud again...

I bet she's a little disappointed because baby raine acted so silly the last 3 days and didn't want to go with anybody but dad & I.
Silly Raine... Nanay loves you Stinky!!!

Zyon was so happy to have a new uncle/Best friend in Kuya Arman.

They played a lot. 

Zyon got new toys, Lots of new toys... And He is so happy and thankful 

"Thanks Tito Arman!"

It's amazing how much the energy in our house changed when we came home from the airport after dropping them off. Everyone was so quiet. Sigh...

Jason loves my nanay so much. He embraced my family and culture so well.
And I will always love him more for that.

Until next time again guys...  Hopefully next time we'll see each other again in the Philippines already.
Thanks for all the laughter, and love.

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  1. nice family pictures! i wish i can visit my family too. =)


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