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On the road again... Chicago Bound

Greetings from somewhere between MO and IL hehe...

We are heading to Chicago to renew our Philippine Passports, well in our family it's only my Eldest daughter Jazzle and I that has a Local Passport. The rest of them are American Citizens.

Our status here in the US are as Immigrants. I've been living here for straight 5 years so I can now apply for a citizenship if I wish to. But, I am not sure what I wanna do just yet.

The closest Philippine embassy to us is the one in Chicago, and now that they require personal appearances for passport renewals we had no choice but to travel.

We could fly but we thought that it'll be more fun to take a road trip. Plus we could take MORE with us, that means our van is full of toys, pillows, and lots and lots of food! Can you picture it in your head?

The approximate travel time from Arkansas to
Chicago is between 10 to 11 hrs. We left Bella Vista at 7pm last night and stopped at around 1am.

So Today we only have at least 4 more hours of driving to do.

Zyon loves breakfast in hotels.

He thinks its more special than the cereal we have at home, lol!

On the sad note... Baby raine is still sick with off and on fever. Her growing her mollars that's why.

Hope she feels better soon. How bout you? How are you?


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4 comments on "On the road again... Chicago Bound"
  1. I also had to go to Washington DC (from FL) to have my passport renewed. That new "personal appearance" rule is such a bummer because they used to do that in an embassy here in Miami. Unlike you, though, I went by myself. I must say, the plane ride took longer than the actual time I was in the embassy. It was pretty quick for me, but I was prepared for the worst so I booked a hotel just in case I needed an extra day for the processing. Needless to say, it was more $$$ wasted but I am thankful that it only took about 2 hours to have my passport processed.

  2. Oh wow, that's quick. 2 hours?! Woweeeee! I heard it's $60 a passport now correct? Do they take our photos there? This will be my 1st time. Yaiks!!!

  3. Yes, they take photos there. I can't remember kung magkano binayaran ko, pero I had to pay extra kasi I had to change to my married last name. Yung luma ko kasing passport ay maiden name ko pa. ;-)

  4. Hi! ran into your blog =)
    That's a long drive! If I'm at home that's how long we drive whenever we go to Bicol by road. Haay, all that trouble just to make an appearance for renewal! Nevermind, I hope the whole process was quick & hassle free. And I also hope your little one feels better soon....



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