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Lazy Sunday


Got a new toy... And for the last 2 days, I can't put it down! Hahahaha, it's the new Blackberry Bold Touch 9900. As y'all know we are moving to the Philippines, and sadly my verizon iPhone will not work there, that's why I had to get another phone to take there, and since my birthday is coming up... Jason got me a new one. Hee hee...

I will take pictures tomorrow so I can share it with you.

Today, was just another lazy Sunday for our family.

Kuya made me a special drawing with our whole family in our home.

Then We ate lots of Pizza, Ice Cream, and had breakfast for dinner!!!

Baby Raine got a boo boo on her forehead.

Know what? She truly is a daredevil. She scares me to death.

Here are some pictures of my cuties! ☺

Lhey ♡
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