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Wedding Photos

Beautiful. Magical. It was spectacular.

Then I started Reading My Vows. I told myself I wouln't cry. But after the first line? I just started crying like a baby.

And everyone started crying with me.

And more crying once J started reading his vow.

Exchanging of rings...

You may kiss your bride... (AGAIN)

And again...

Baby Raine was asleep the whole time. We just woke her for picture taking. And I don't think that she's very happy about it!

Both of our mom's were absolutely beautiful that evening...

Here are my best friends. They truly are the best!

My darling Lesa and Ralyn. Best girlfriends!!!

My sister Khristy, I love her to death also!!! :)

I want to thank all of my special guests who came, they truly made the celebration better...

I have more pictures to come. This is just the Part1.

Thanks to Kuya Eric Colina, Courtney, and Kalena for taking lots of picture... Thank you so much. I love you all...


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3 comments on "Wedding Photos"
  1. Lhey, congrats again =) Everything and everyone looked so beautiful and happy, the pictures made me smile.

  2. I am forever grateful to your Tito Bob for BEING THERE, and then some. So sorry I missed this blessed event. Waaaaaaaa!


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