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Every Sunday is Lazy Sunday in our house. We are still in our pj's. Well, we have our pj's all day everyday. Hehe.

Sunday is my day off from doing any chores. It means NO cooking, NO cleaning, NO laundry. I just lay around and play in my computer or phone all day. Weeeeeee!

How about you? What do you guys do every Sunday? Mall? Church? Eat out?

Chillin' over here,
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2 comments on "iChillin"
  1. You are too pretty. No wonder the kiddos are gorgeous. Yes, Sundays are for lounging around and hugs :0)

    Love the new header, btw.

  2. Sis, i was wondering if you have a blog button so I can add it here on my blog. Lemme know please. Email me lhey dot bella at me dot com thank you...


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