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Happy Saturday.


My Beautiful Jazzle.
Not a baby anymore, waaaaaaah!!!

And here's my other princess,
Baby Raine.

It's so lovely outside that I decided to do a small photo shoot with the kids. 
They were all "game" for it. Hehe.

I have the best models ever...

Oh, Zyon was too busy playing with the iPad so we didn't had the chance to take his pictures.
But he agreed to do it tomorrow hehe...

My Gosh, I am such a proud mama...
My kids are all so beautiful and such great kids.
They are my life.
They make me sooooo happy and complete.

Oh and btw, today, I finished a song.
I am sure most of you know that I am a singer, slash song writer (sometimes)

I am not sure what got in to me this morning that I decided to clean my guitar
and just started strumming.

I made a rough recording of the song just so I won't forget the chords
and it's melody. And I promise to upload it on my Facebook Page once i'm done.

So how are you?
Hope that all's well!

Happy Weekend! 
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