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Once upon a rain.


We parents have different ways on how to raise children.
I'm gonna say that the way we choose to be parents is not traditional.
It's almost not normal sometimes or maybe it's the normal way? Oh well who knows.

Whoever write those parenting guide books might not even be a parent yet, LOL.
No but seriously, No Mom or Dad is perfect, but they all love perfectly.
In their perfectly imperfect world.

And welcome to ours.

Muddle Puddle Duddle Fuddle Wuddle, My baby I wanna cuddle.

She is a LEADER.

But he (daddy) is the mastermind of all this fun and dirt.

We let our kids be kids.
We want them to make memories, to have fun.

They grow up fast. We want them to make the most of their childhood.

And speaking of childhood...
My little Zy Man is going through stages.

Switching Back N Forth.
From this

To This

It's not the easiest stage but I think we are handling it very well.

The key is to not think like a four year old.
Handle it with lots of patience, understanding,
and Lots and Lots of LOVE.

Love fixes everything. Even the hardest times becomes the easiest.
With a gentle touch... and lots of this...

We had a pleasant, fun day.
How was yours?

Keep Smiling,

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