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Late Thanksgiving post

I know this is a late post, but I would like to share some snapshots of my beautiful family and the kids. Didn't get a lot of pictures of my eldest. she's growing up and is having a world of her own. She is going through stages. Oh well that topic should go on another post.

So okay, without further ado, My Beautiful family. Blessed and grateful.

My mini-me

My little Mama's boy

The most spoiled-rotten :)

Jazzle's outfit are purchased from JUSTICE
Both their outfits are purchased from GAP KIDS

Isn't this outfit just adorable?  

Taken inside the van

And here more photos of baby Raine taken yesterday.
Such a cutie pie.

Ready for this cute smile?

My kids fill my heart with joy. There are crazy moments, but it's all worth it! ALL WORTH IT!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving :)
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