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All I want for Christmas are new PJs

I want new pajamas, and so I took the liberty and ordered me some Victoria Secret's Sleepwear.

I own a lot of sexy lingerie but now, that we have 2 kids in the middle of the bed, to wear them would just be inappropriate.

So, I ordered me 2 of "The dreamer Flannel Pajama" sets, and 2 of their "The Angel Sleep Tee"

I have to wrap 'em so I have something to put under our tree. The kids would want me to open something on Christmas day.

None so far really, except from the pajamas. Got lots of new toys this year. So I think passing on something this Christmas is just fair. The kids are our priority, and to see them happy would be the best present we could ever get.

How about you? What's on your wishlist?

3 comments on "All I want for Christmas are new PJs"
  1. So funny. Hard to wear sexy lingerie with kids around. The PJ's look so cute.

  2. Ooooh, you should have bought from the actual store, sis. They are giving away Secret Rewards cards with every purchase.

  3. @J: Waaaaaah are they??? I missed that!!! :)


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