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China Glaze Tinsel Town

Applied 1 coat of Essie's "over the edge" first. Then applied one coat of CG's Tinsel Town. I love it, it's so fab! What do you think?
2 comments on "China Glaze Tinsel Town"
  1. I really wish I was into nail polish. Unfortunately, my nails are a wreck. I am way too hands on to enjoy the simple pleasures of nail polish.

  2. @Abby: Girl, I hear you. I am a hands on person myself as well, I have 3 kids, Wow!!! I wish I have a maid to help me around the house though, but unfortunately I have to play the role of a superwoman most days hehe. But I still love nail polish and I don't let my mommyhood mess up with my simple pleasures, hee hee :))


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