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Hello My Beautiful Friends,

Today, I made a big leap from my Online Store Using Hostgator as Hosting And Wordpress
back to my little humble Blogger Blog. It will take me a while to get used to this again. But I just had to make the decision because of all the issues i've been struggling with the past few weeks. I will get the Site ( fixed so you guys may download your themes stored in there and back it up on your dropbox or your laptop/external hard drives. I will keep it online for a few weeks and will finally close it so I will no longer have to keep on paying for my Hosting Services.

So anyways, I hope that you will keep supporting me. I love this little community we have. 
I have a few projects in line after this easter week and my show in LA next weekend.

I promised some of you girls how to change fonts on your HTC and I will still be working on that.
So keep an eye out. For the meantime, 
Enjoy this little wallpaper I made to remind all of us to Be Kind Always.

(to save the wallpaper, long press and save image)

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