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New Wallpaper in the Mommy Lhey's Wallbox


Hey Dolls!!!! 
How are you? How's everyone doing?
I've Been so crazy busy with my small company Mommy Lhey Designs
and all our New Release of Planner Stamps It's been such a crazy roller coaster ride,
and I am loving every minute of it. 
I've met and made so many new cyber friends. It feels amazing
when you find a niche and everyone shares the same interest. It's so much fun.

But anyways, I haven't forgotten about my Wallbox It's just that I was so busy last week
that I did't get a chance to upload anything. But I made 6 this week,
to make up for last week's three that I failed to upload. 

I miss themeing my phone and making it cute!
My iPhone 6plus is not jailbroken anymore that's why I haven't been themeing lately.
I need to find some inspiration again. Do you miss my themes?
Maybe A new phone will inspire me to start designing again!

I miss you! Hope you'll like and enjoy the new walls!


2 comments on "New Wallpaper in the Mommy Lhey's Wallbox"
  1. Thank you Lhey for these wonderful wallpapers! Oh I miss your themes and I'm sure I#m not the only one :-)
    I really hope you make a new theme soon!
    warm greetings from the sunny germany.

    1. Angie, I miss theming also. I hope I can create new ones soon... :)


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