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Chicago Adventures


Another roadtrip for the Ralston family. We had  a mini getaway to the Windy City. It was quick and sweet. The main purpose is because I needed to renew my passport and Chicago is where the closest Philippine embassy from where we live.

It was still surprisingly chilly. And for both days that we were there, it was rainy and yucky.

We stayed in the downtown area. Traffic and parking can be quite difficult in big cities. So we ended up parking our van in the hotel valet (cost $60 per night!) And used uber as our main source of transportation.

We didn't really get a chance to roam around the city because of the weather. But we managed to do a little bit of shopping, well just the kids really. Zyon wanted to go to Jordan's store and picked up some tennis
shoes for both of them.

We had lunch at Giordano's..Lesson learned, next time, go there an hour before you start getting really hungry. Because they are really busy. The food take forever. And with two stinky kiddos forever meant a d felt like forever. Ha!

But it was fun, although we were missing our eldest daughter Jazzle who stayed with my mother in law.

Until next time,


Every day with my husband is like a fairy tale come true. We share great conversations, We have good laughs, he holds me like no one else does. He respects me, Adores Me, and truly loves me. We make life worth  living. We raise our children with lots of LOVE. Yes it's true, Life is NOT perfect but ours are pretty damn close. 

Why do you I Journal?


Journaling is essential to me. 
It's the only place I pour out my soul. My Frustrations.
My hopes, dreams, and my overwhelming gratefulness.

It's amazing how much information you can provide yourself
when you go through your old journal pages.
It's like reading a "Self-Help" book but it caters directly to you!
Because wether you know it or not.
The information you need is already within you!
Try it, you'll be amazed how much it helps with your stress levels
or just for memory keeping alone. It's so much fun.

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