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A brownie or Me?

I am hungry. But I'm fat.
Do you want to have a visual if I keep eating like how I eat now? Not good.

Nyahaha, I used this fat kiosk app on my iPhone. It's hilarious.

Yaiks, Before & After.

See? This Brownie or Me. Myself. Or My life. Hmmmmm....

Definitely the brownie. Lol.

Oh by the way, my hair is in that stage where it's not short or long in anyways. It's kinda like stuck in the middle. And it's totally annoying. I don't like it.

Should i try and grow it?!

New book: The Carrie Diaries: Meg Cabot

I can hear my stomach growling right now. I am dying here. I want to eat. It's almost midnight. I should get a shuteye instead of dreaming about eating.

Gosh, this "trying-to-stay-in-focus" thing is not easy. I don't think I can last a day without losing my focus. Ah darn!

I need to lose 20 more lbs. And I'll be content. Yup. Happy too. I know I can do this. I will.

Anyways, House update:

Here's our view from my bed, our master bedroom. Awesome. Spectacular. Amazing....

I think by next week we can finally move in upstairs. Aaaah Kitchen. Sink. No more washing dishes in the tub. I'll miss it though. Oh well... Data's secured in my memory. Task: Will be treasuring it forever.


I didn't eat the brownie.


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4 comments on "A brownie or Me?"
  1. Katuwa namn yung before and after! hehehe! Naku bat namn 20 lbs ang gusto mo i lose e ang payat mo naman na?

  2. omg your house be gorgeous! what does your husband do?! kame'i needs to get on that! lol the blog is cute! I love the colors. lmao @ your big girl pics! those double chins belong to me! i don't see where you need to lose any weight, you're crazy! btw i wanted to read that book too!

  3. Saha my Girlfriend, email me please again so I can email it to you! That's how much I love you hehehe!!! :)) Do you still have my email? Husband did well for himself, started young, invested on lot's of properties :)) i'm a lucky beatch lol! :)

  4. Ay app pala. Akal ko nag-transform ka ng biglaan eh. ^_^


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