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Diaper Rash: Poor Baby


Baby Raine wore no diaper for the whole day, and will still be diaper-less for this whole evening. 
My poor little girl has some diaper rashes and I don't like it a bit.
Well, she had diarrhea for the last two days and I think that's what triggered it. 
My poor sweetheart has been cranky the whole day and that makes me feel s
ad. I don't like it when any of my children are not feeling good. 

I read so many stuff on line for ways to prevent and cure it. I will see tomorrow if this triple paste that I am currently using will help, and if not? I will try another remedy. 
I hope it does work. I am begging to all the angels and to Jesus. 

Please send baby Raine some love in your prayers, I know it's nothing major, but if you could only see the tears in her eyes every time I try and apply the paste, it will also break your heart. 
Thank you...

 I think I will go back to her sensitive wipes. The Unscented ones. Maybe that's what's causing it too.

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