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Don't let time pass you by

One question that people ask me very often is that If I miss singing and being a performer. I honestly am not yearning for it, although it surprised me At first that I didn't go crazy to not be on stage and singing.
As crazy as it may sounds. Life is so much better now.
No more dramas. No more 2nd hand smoke. No more silly drunk crowd. No more haters. No more staying up till 6 in the morning and no more missing half of my kids day just because I was asleep almost the whole time that they are awake, having fun and being active.
Life didn't stop there.
I spent almost half of my life on stage.
I had fun. So much fun.
But I had to make a choice. A choice that was never asked from me. I made that choice myself.
I choose to enjoy my kids. I wanna see them grow everyday. I want us to make mistakes and mature all together until now Every single day is always a learning process for me. I want to be there for them always. And I feel blessed that I'm able to stay at home and take care of my beautiful family.


It doesn't mean that I gave up on singing. No way Jose. Singing is like breathing to me. It's part of my being. It defines my inner soul and besides I speak my mind through my songs. I make music with a simple hum and I can make babies sleep with my soft Sshhh...

I guess where I'm going here is that I will not allow time to just pass me by. Who said that Being a mom would be the end of my dreams. I realized that now more than ever is the best time to show an example to my kids.

Be a dreamer. And make it happen.


A good friend sent me a text message last night asking me that I should join Simon Cowell's X-Factor.
My first reaction was No Way Girl!!!
I'm too old for that.
My bad. I didn't pause and think.
I just opened my mouth and instead of thinking, I made a mistake and I spoke too soon.

So I thought about the idea the whole night. I even thought about it in my dreams.

So this morning, I shared the news to Jason. And immediately without thinking too, he said "Oh Yes we will!" and now talking with so much excitement "You will audition honey love!"

He is cute.

But ya know what?! I thought to myself. I should try.
And I will try.

So, We will drive to Chicago on the 26th of this month... Yay!!!

X-Factor. 5 Million Dollars. Heck, why not!

(more details to come!)


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