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When things aren't going your way

It wasn't promised that everything will be perfect. Nobody said it will be easy.

Sometimes things fall apart. And yes, it can be very stressful and frustrating. If you are one of those people who handles stress very well, then you are lucky.

Well me? I think, (sometimes) I handle life's surprises very well but also at times I can be the greatest pretender.

Often I argue with myself. I filter my thoughts inside me before it becomes my actions. Not the easiest, but it is also not THAT hard. It is doable. Especially when you have faith.

Knowing that I am not alone helps a lot. I believe that God loves me and won't allow a problem so big to challenge my life. There is no problem without a solution.

I am bigger than my problems. My God is bigger than my problems.

I know Life is full of surprises. So many twists and turns. And Every road I travel on doesn't always promise a smooth ride. Each bump has a story. And As crazy as it is, I got used to it...

Knowing that I have a beautiful family. And I have an amazing man beside me. Makes living so much easier. Together we seek answers for all life's questions. We find the missing pieces to the puzzle. And we help each other out. Problems are just small trials, business or family. It only makes us wiser and stronger.

It's all where you let your mind go. Find something positive even in the most negative situation. Only you can make that choice. You let yourself stress? or you face any challenge with a strong faith and a heart overflowing with hope.

Prayer works.

Jesus always Listens. He loves Us.

If you're going through anything right now, close your eyes and bow your head. Say a prayer, He is listening. Talk to Jesus Like how you would speak to a friend. He is there. Our God that is Bigger than any of our problems. Tell Him everything.
And Then Listen to your heart. Through your faith you will understand everything. Believe. Ask and you shall receive. Be grateful and be a blessing to others. And God will bless you far more than you can imagine. Keep the faith my friend! *hugs*


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1 comment on "When things aren't going your way"
  1. SO glad I stumbled upon your blog!! I'm a young mommy with many of the same interests: Style, fitness, beauty, and motherhood. I am a Christian girl, no doubt about it, and so I love your post and the reminder that yes, life sucks sometimes, but in the end it will all be over with and we will be somewhere better =) that comforts me

    Stop by my blog sometime, would love your feedback!


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