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Life-Changing Decisions

I never knew that Jason and I are very similar and so opposite at the same time. Ask me to explain that for you? I will fail. Terribly.

Life is truly like a roller-coaster ride. There are some loops scarier than the others. Sometimes you move in reverse. Fast. Then you start moving on. Facing forward. Sometimes it move fast, and there are moments when it's just slow.

Well life is just kinda slow to us right now. We are still finishing up with the renovations, when all of a sudden life just hit us with another surprise.
Agh!!! We are approaching the next loop of this ride.

Great communicator. Not Me. And I've been told that number of times. I'm just not the best in communicating. I tend to do what I think is the best for the ones I love. So Jason and I sometimes clash because he wants to do the same for me. He thinks about me first also.

But with the wave of the magic wand, I think we just planned the best plan that him and I both agreed on. But I Can't share anything yet, because knowing "US" anything can change with a snap of a finger. Yay!

But all I can say is that I am very very excited!!!!

I'll keep you guys posted soon!


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