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New home update!

After almost 3 months, our house is starting to look like a home. Here are some photos of the living room. Kitchen is not done yet, we still have to order custom cabinets and special glass that'll go with the cabinets.

Jason and I both agreed to just use a mattress in our master bedroom, no more bed frames since baby raine sleeps with us. It's a choice because we are trying to avoid any accidents.

So anyway without further ado, here's our humble home.

I love this part of the house.

It's not just a boring normal vaulted ceiling. Then we put LED lights on the beams, so they look fabulous at night time.

I love every piece of art we have on our home.

And our choice of color could not be better. We have dark chocolate brown, and splash of deep blue/grayish.

I ♥ love our fireplace

And most specially my view.

I feel blessed. All the time. I'm grateful.


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