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Busy/Tiring Day

Wow!!! I made it through the day without having a major nervous breakdown. I finished LOADS AND LOADS of Laundry. Unpacked clothes and lots of sheets and towels from the garage, we cleaned up the garage yesterday that's why we discovered more junk, lol.

Yesterday I knew what was waiting for me today. But until I sorted everything out and all of it was right in front of me, I found myself in a panic mode... the diva part of me was screaming inside. I don't remember how I began loading the washer but somehow I did it.

Sorry I didn't had no time to take pictures and plus I wasn't in the right mind set earlier. I got really overwhelmed. And I must admit that I'm not the best when it comes to sudden pressure. My body needs enough time to adjust, and I even have to force my other half to manually press my own reset button to just recover from a temporary dellusion. That's how bad it can get when i'm under pressure.

Okay, but you know what??? I'm just gonna blame it on my hormones, LOL!

There, I said it.

It was my hormones. A good enough excuse. Plus it always work! :)

And with a lil help from my home-made Oreo Pudding Pie

After the 1st bite? Every chores afterwards was such a breeze...

How about you? How was your day?


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