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Italian Turkey Sausage w/ mushroom & Pesto Sauce


Our dinner was so yummy!!! hmm hmm hmm... i can still taste it in my mouth

Jason and I enjoyed it so much. The kids pretended like they were in a restaurant because they were having a special meal. Hee hee, so cute.

I got the idea from a friend of mine from twitter, Her name is Lisa and every time I read her blog, I become more inspired to cook and enjoy myself in the kitchen. If you want to learn more recipes or just lust over some photographs of some yummy food, visit her blog at have lots of fun!!!!


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1 comment on "Italian Turkey Sausage w/ mushroom & Pesto Sauce"
  1. How did I miss this post?? Sista, you rock, thanks for the love. I'm so glad I could provide some kitchen inspiration!!


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