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American Food VS Filipino Food

Which looks Better?


Or this?

In our household? We love Filipino Food.

My husband is in love with Filipino dishes. Among from his favorites are Sinigang, Bistek, Kaldereta, Afritada, Ampalaya Con Carne, Tortang Talong, and a whole lot more.

My friends and families are very surprised at the thought that he eats our local Pinoy dishes. Let's just say that he has the right palette for it.

Lately, I've been experimenting in the kitchen and I enjoy trying other recipes. I usually try and modify the recipes I see online. I put my own touch to it, and I think so far so good.

One thing I have to start doing is to start writing down my recipes before I forget them, yaiks!


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2 comments on "American Food VS Filipino Food"
  1. that looks yummy! i know a lot of people who loooove filipino food! :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. As for me, Filipino food still beats American food. ^_^


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