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Diamond lasts forever


Why do men give the woman they love a diamond ring? Is it Because it'was said that the diamond symbolizes forever? Therefore a Diamond would symbolize their forever Devotion to the woman they adore?

Based in the recent statistics, the number of divorce around the world is signigicantly higher. What happened to forever huh? I'm not sure I am the best person to talk about this, I got divorced also.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that "how much value does an engagement ring have?" would the size of the rock be the measurement of how much your fiance love you? Or is it the price of the ring?

I love my Jason sooooo much, i know he wants to give me the best he could possibly give. But I am feeling guilty for the amount of money we would spend... Is it worth it? Of course I love the thought of having a beautiful ring on my finger... And that's my DIVA side probably... But the other side of me thinks that Jason is more than enough for me, He is such a precious gem, that no diamond doesn't matter how big or small can ever come close to him. He makes me so happy every single day, and I pray to God that may He bless us with a love like His, never selfish and always Unconditional.

Haaaaay...I am just so happy... Completely happy. I just can't believe that this is actually happening. I feel like i'm floating up in the clouds. I have a wonderful life; it's so full of love and lots of My blibber-blubbers!!!!

And I am gonna get married soooooooooooon!!!! ♥ Yay!


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