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How do I control my negative thoughts?

Negative energy sucks...

It makes every moment so heavy, so gray...
So how do I control it?
Well I am no expert here but I just wanna share my simple techniques...

It's all in the mind. And like in singing, I have breathing techniques when i'm controlling my thoughts and temper.

First, you have to completely accept YOU. Yourself, your flaws and all your shortcomings. I have. I have a crazy temper, I have my weird moments. I shut-off; I explode; but a silent explosion, because I always keep it in. I am stubborn and very bull headed. But I am also phenomenal. I am a great mother (at least I try to be!) and a loving partner.

So, when i'm not in the best mood when negative thoughts are corrupting my mind, I dwell with the emotions as quickly as I can. I let myself feel, let my heart hurt... Then I start taking deep breaths. I remind myself that the other half of me is much, much, smarter than my dumb side...

Some people need a doctor, a shrink to listen to them talk, whine, complain, cry, and laugh. But I don't. I work through it within me. I battle with it inside my head. And you can do the same... Thoughts are thoughts. It's all in your head. You create them, so it is only YOU who will be able to stop it.

It's not easy; but like everything else, all it takes is great amount of patience. And practice.
Also Acceptance. Accept that you are sometimes naturally insane. Haha, bipolar, and just human. But we are the boss of ourselves, if you want a change in your life, your ways... It starts within you. Look around you, open your heart and your'll start finding more than enough reason to smile... Pick a focal point; a higher inspiration... Something, Someone that gives you light. Be inspired, and be healed with greater love. Negative thoughts are just thoughts; think of it as a bubble. Pop it. Poof!!! Gone!!!! You can do it, exercise your mind... Have fun!!!

Peace, love, & light,

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