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Hey you!!! I am in a middle of frustration right now and am still trying to upload my Veda Day 3 Video, but for some crazy reasons that I do not understand, YouTube is not working right for me at all!!!! Aaaaaaagh!!!!

I saw my ring today for the first time after it was set on the band and after the jeweler mounted it on the right size of prong.

It is absolutely Gorgeous.
I almost cried when Jason kissed my hand when I put the ring on my finger (to try it on and to look at it before they ship it to our home)
He said he also wanted to cry but was strong enough to control it.

I love him so much it's crazy... And I believe in my heart that He loves me just the same....

We should have my ring here on Friday... I am drooling with excitement (Eeeeew, what. Yucky visual, Lol) I really don't want to just post pictures just to post it; i wanna do a pre-nup photo session... Maybe, or maybe i'll just post some because of too much excitement, hehe!!!

So I hope you guys a re having an awesome time, and I just wanna share what I wore and looked like today!!!! Till next time!!!


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