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I've been soooooooo busy this last few days. Busy planning a wedding, taking care of a sick hubby, school started and all my never ending house chores. Lol.

I am very pleased with all our decisions regarding our wedding. Doing it verey simple, very intimate, and only very few of my special friends will be there.

We got a large suite at Mandalay Bay and will invite a pastor to unite our union, we will exchange vows, and have an awesome time in Vegas. I cannot wait for my first chicken joy bite after a very long time, hehe!!!

As y'all know I have a new toy... My New 13" MacBook Air.

And I looooove it, it is blazing fast... And so light. So classy...

I am just sad that the camera has such a pooooooor quality. It's an expensive machine to have such a bad camera; but nevertheless, I am in love with it.

And speaking of in love, I am going nuts over nail polish. And Here are some of my favorite pastel/light colors frpm Essie.

Here's my favorite baby blue color... So pretty.

Oh and btw, I cannot wait to get married. I am uber excited. Talk to y'all soon!!!! ♥♥♥

This is not my chosen gown!!!


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