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Birthday Wishlist


After our wedding. Now it's my 29th birthday that's coming up.

After traveling to Vegas with 3 kids? I realized I needed a bigger bag.
So this one is on top of my wish list.

Man, I would love to own one. Please????

2nd one would be an iPad2.

After a whole day of doing chores... At times when my evening is in complete silence,
all I want to do is be quiet and read...

But my iPad, Or I should say My Once-Owned iPad is no longer mine.
Zyon owns it now, LOL.
Full of games... Like yes, the memory is full that I can't download anymore books...

And at times when I want to use it. It has no more charged. Agh!!! 
The moment I pick it up? it's just about ready to die, Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!

As much as I want to blog every night, Sometimes, I feel so lazy to sit down so proper to play with my laptop. So the idea of actually owning another iPad will be wonderful...

Tonight, Jazzle and I did her science project. It was fun. We had fun...
We made a plant cell model. Jazzle is a natural artist. She truly has an amazing talent.
Not just musicality but even also when it comes to arts and crafts like this.

I am very proud of her.

With Nanay.

And Little Ms. Twinkle Toes?

Still Crazy as ever. Okay maybe crazier.

And My Zyon?

Gentleman as always. Truly is a good boy.

With Nanay.
They are such amazing kids. They never fail to WOW me every single day.

They are the love of my life.

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