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There Is No Place Like Home

We are back home. And it feels soooo good.

Being away for a week made me appreciate the Simplicity and peacefulness here in Arkansas. I cannot believe that we are ready to give our house to move to the Philippines.

I honestly don't know what I feel about it now, i don't wanna be so careful and live where it's just easy and safe; with everything that's going on right now, can't blame me right???

But that's also my point, with everything that's going on right now; i want to live MORE. love MORE, and laugh MORE.

When I talk about the Phillipines, I know that it's not just blue water and white sand beach all the time. There's the traffic, pollution, humidity, crime, but I am aware of that. I am not dreaming a fairytale life here.

With my bridge of opportunites, my god given talent, and the kid's. I believe that in the Philippines, we can have MORE.

Life is short; No Comet, No Sun Flare Storm, and War can slow us down. We are gonna LIVE. Who's with me??? Let's go!!!


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1 comment on "There Is No Place Like Home"
  1. That is a big move and certainly one to make you reflect about life. Good luck with everything. I know you'll be fine.


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