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Crazy Saturday

What a great way to start our October.
We had so much fun today.
 I mean we didn't do anything that's extra ordinary, or went some place fancy.
We just had an extremely great family bonding today.
And it makes me happy.

I've been playing with lots of photoshop actions that I purchased online.
They are quite pricey, but I guess it's so worth it with all the time that i'm saving to edit my photos.
Here are some examples of Before & After shots.

Florabella Collection

MCP Actions

I still make a lot of adjustments even after I run the photoshop actions, 
I learned how to tweak it according to my taste.

I am so excited, because finally I was able to take a decent photo of Jason while he was playing with the kids earlier. He is very camera shy. He doesn't like his pictures taken. His excuse is that he's not photogenic, that's why he never enjoyed pictures. Oh well... Too bad so sad for him because he married a photographer, LOL.

Am I lucky woman or what? 

And what did I tell you about Baby Raine being Crazy?
Just look at her please, Maybe you'll get a small dose of the panic attacks that I feel every time they turn gymnasts or a part of a circus act on me.

Zyon's gonna love this picture someday. Maybe show it to him on his wedding day? hehe...

Isn't this just the cutest picture?
But you know what? After all the nerve wracking Exhibitions my kids does throughout the day.
It's sooooo worth it. Because this is what they do to make me smile, and insanely happy.

Makes mommy so proud and so thankful.

Happy October To All Of You Guys,

2 comments on "Crazy Saturday"
  1. nice editing Mommy Lhey, ako? naku am getting a hard time editing my photos, am not gifted on that...

    Happy October


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