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I need this when I need a little push

It's not always perfect here. Grass is not always green. The sun isn't always sunny.
But it also doesn't mean that things are BAD. 
It's still great. But could be better. We all have days like this.
And mine's almost over... Thank God.
I should just shut my eyes and completely end this day.
But here I am still typing...
You know why? because there's still a lot of things to be grateful of.

So many things to make me smile.

My friend surprised me with a very early christmas present.
What a blessing. Thanks Pom.
We share the same interest in photography
and we're both exchanging smiles and blessings... Yey!!!

When life throws something at me, i'm not always ready.
My heart's not always strong... 
And today, I wasn't ready for that small thug.
That small one felt like a strong earthquake in my whole body. 
I still get little after-shocks every now and then...
And I wonder if they're here to stay for a few days...

Tomorrow will be better though.
I'll be stronger. Braver.

All I need is a little reminder...

Life is Good,
2 comments on "I need this when I need a little push"
  1. So true, sis. Your post reminded me of what my friend said once. She said "it's just a bad day, not a bad life."


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