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Cracked LCD MacBook Air

Remember my coffee incident on my MacBookPro? And the broken LCD on my White MacBook? Well... My kids did it again. This time on my beautiful MacBook Air...

Aaaaaah, please don't lecture me coz I know it's our fault. We are the parents and we should be more careful and responsible. But hey? Accident happens.

And the unfortunate part is, we didn't purchase an apple care again. The worst case scenario is that apple won't cover the replacement of the LCD. Sigh... And the closest apple store from us is 2hrs away. It's in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We were supposed to go the other day, but we just decides to turn around and go back home because the kids were going crazy. So, oh well...

Apple might have a Authorized Apple Repair store somewhere closer, will check on it tom. So what have you been up to lately?
3 comments on "Cracked LCD MacBook Air"
  1. no lectures, but oh lord! an apple store that's 2 hours away?! that is insane!

  2. @inHERshoes: I know! It's Craziness!!! :p

  3. what else can I say Mommy Lhey?
    hihi -->> sadness


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