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Custom Retro Blush Wallpapers

This is for A custom wallpaper. Retro Blush.
I am asking a $3 donation

What you'll get:
Lockscreen and Home Wallpaper of 3 designs.
So a total of 6 Walls.

This is available for Android, and iDevices.

And I will need dimensions of your phone 
or you can email me a high resolution Screenshot 
of your Home Wall.
I also need the first letter of your name or whatever letter you want me put in there.

Please allow 24-48 hrs. before I can send you your wall.
Email me infos:


1 comment on "Custom Retro Blush Wallpapers"
  1. I send you an e-mail about these. If the still are available to get,please let me know,then i pay the money by Paypal to you. Have a nice eving,Daphny


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